Get control of the digital aspect of your business.

Establish a strong digital presence, be visible online where your customers are, and discover the opportunities with digital marketing.

At Gezar by Magnus Bo Nielsen, I have the solution:

Website – A Foundation for Online Trust

A website builds trust online, and it is crucial for businesses operating in the online space. However, a website often needs to do much more than that.

Speed, conversion, tracking, SEO?

There are many factors that need to work together for it to be successful and for your website to even get noticed.
Whether it’s an e-commerce store, a blog, or a portfolio, whether it’s used for lead generation, sales, or bookings.

Get a website you can be proud of, professional websites at great prices, delivered in record time!

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Check out an example website that I have created:

Intro prices starting from 5600 DKK


Advertising – Ads on Facebook or Google?

Paid marketing on platforms like Facebook is highly effective and a crucial element in the growth of many businesses online.

The opportunities are great for finding potential customers, tracking the purchasing process, and constantly targeting and optimizing marketing efforts towards perfection!

I can assist in planning, creating, testing, and taking responsibility for monitoring and ensuring results in advertising campaigns.

We tailor a solution that includes the option for daily reporting of results. I provide ongoing insights and input for discussions on development.

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We will explore the possibilities for your business, and I will share all my tips and tricks without holding anything back!

Email – Build an Online Customer Database

An often overlooked but excellent opportunity for long-term growth is to build an email list filled with potential customers through, for example, a newsletter.

Retain your customers, encourage them to come back, and build a closer relationship with your company’s customers.

I assist with setup, collection, tracking, and maintenance of your email marketing for success!

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Have you seen that we offer all in one solutions with an incredible guarantee?!

All in one solution from Gezar

We offer tailored all in one solutions. See if it’s right for your business!
It saves a lot of hassle and ensures consistent targeting towards fantastic results by choosing a all in one solution.

Unfortunately, for reasons that you will understand in a moment, we cannot offer this to everyone:

A guarantee that matters!

I offer an absolutely incredible guarantee: if we haven’t reached your goal after 3 months, I will work for free until we do!

You read that right. I only work with people I know I can help, which is why I offer this amazing guarantee! In other words, you can trust that I won’t just have you spend a bunch of money on advertising if it doesn’t make sense for YOUR business.

Take advantage of a completely free and non-binding 30-minute meeting with me, Magnus Bo Nielsen. We will explore the possibilities for your business and determine if I can offer our “Total Solution” with a guarantee to you!